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The Mexican Museum is welcoming entries from artists, writers, poets, musicians, and anyone who reflects on the identities of the communities that are aligned with the museum’s mission, an effort to explore visual representations of the complexity and richness of the art and the history of the Latinx, Chicanx, Mexican American and Mexican communities in the United States. We want to listen to your ideas and host you and your contribution to the Latinx arts and culture.


entretanto will be an ongoing art talk program series running from 2022 onwards. The format is designed to be interdisciplinary, with sessions that could include panels, presentations, and performances. The Mexican Museum’s mission within these talks is to provide a space as the organizer and host of the talks.


This initiative is part of the museum’s campaign to raise cultural awareness and to support artists to gain presence and representation within the country and the world. We wish to continue with the artistic dialogue that the museum has inherited since its birth in 1975. We also encourage you to visit our website to familiarize yourself with The Mexican Museum’s history, as well as with its exhibitions and educational programs.

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