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We want to honor our advocates.

Thanks to supporters like you, our museum can remain one of the nation’s leading centers for the advocacy of Latinx arts, history, and culture.

Since 1975, The Mexican Museum has adapted to the diverse dynamics that affect the communities it serves. The Mexican Museum is currently undergoing a process of reconfiguration that will not only result in an expansion of its galleries, but also in a transformation of its museological concept. The purpose that The Mexican Museum embraces within its surrounding communities is of great importance; it serves as an axis of unity and diversion for the Hispanic community in the United States.


The health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, lead us to rethink our role as cultural promoters. With the help of multiple partners, we have been able to continue delivering the museum experience remotely to our audiences through online exhibits and educational activities. We plan to keep adapting our programs to the new realities to best serve our publics.

Notwithstanding the current situation, we want to thank your continuous support by gifting you a Free Membership that is valid starting today and through the first year after the museum opens. 


  1. Digital Informational booklet

  2. A “Print at Home” Membership Card

  3. Quarterly Digital Newsletter

  4. 50% off admission to the new museum (Discount valid for one year after Museum’s Opening)

¡Muchas Gracias!

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