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The Mexican Museum is welcoming entries from emerging and mid-career artists to submit art that reflects on the identities of the communities that are aligned with the museum’s mission, an effort to explore visual representations of the complexity and richness of the art and the history of the Latino, Chicano, Mexican American and Mexican communities in the Bay Area.


In engaging the local community and showcasing the talent of local artists, The Mexican Museum will showcase the work of 3 local artists, whose work reflects on culture and identity from a visual perspective, through an online exhibition on the museum’s website. The selection of the artists will be done by a jury and curatorial committee comprised of established Bay Area artists and honorary members. Furthermore, an artwork from each artist will be incorporated with all museum merchandise as part of the museum’s exposure and marketing initiatives to a broader audience, from which the artist receives a royalty.


This initiative is part of the museum’s campaign to raise funds for community programs and cultural awareness and to support local artists to gain presence and representation within the Bay Area art scene and the world. We wish to continue with the artistic dialogue that the museum has inherited since its birth in 1975. We encourage you to visit our website to familiarize yourself with The Mexican Museum’s history, as well as with its exhibitions and educational programs.





1. Fill out and submit the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.

2. Upload your materials. You will receive an email from The Mexican Museum with a Dropbox link where you will be requested to upload the materials described below. You don't need need to have a Dropbox account to submit your materials. Please, upload the documents in the corresponding format.


  • Artist Bio – up to 300 words (Doc, PDF)

  • Artist Statement – up to 300 words (Doc, PDF)

  • Images. You are invited to submit up to six works (one image per entry; jpeg) labeled to correspond with the number in the List of Artworks, and followed by the artist’s last name and first name (i.e., Image1_Kahlo_Frida.jpeg)

  • List of Artworks. Please number each work to correspond with the images. Include artist name, title, media, size, year. (i.e., Image1. Frida Kahlo, What the Water Gave Me, Oil on canvas, 36 in × 27.75 in, 1938.) Artwork Notes: If necessary, you can provide additional important information about the work submitted at the end of the list.



Deadline for Submission: April 30, 2021 (midnight).


Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Email further questions to





The Curatorial Committee meets in May to review submissions.


The selected artists will be announced on our website as well as on our social media once the committee has made a selection in April. Likewise, the selected artists will be contacted directly.


Thank you for your trust and your time.





Painting, drawing, collage, photography, printmaking, mixed media.



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