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Alejandra Zermeño
Las Custodias del Maiz The Custodians of Corn

The Custodians of Corn is a sculptural series that explores the contemporary Mexican female identity. This study is generated through portrays of women from the different states of the Mexican Republic who are or have been culturally, professionally, economically, socially, or familiarly related to the base grain of Mexicans: corn.

Recently, the artist's interest has focused on the female body as an object of sensitivity in contrast to the intelligible reality. With an identifiable and characteristic discourse, Alejandra Zermeño uses the repetition of an organic element, modeled as an ornament placed on the human figure, and that of her power animal as a symbol of the transformation of her spirit. The sum of iconic elements in her sculptures leads to establishing the natural, social, family, or personal context of each portrayed model. With a realistic approach, the modeling of her sculptures derives from an aesthetic-formal search that has allowed her to dereify the sculptural image to assign it the character of “being someone” who tells a story, an emotion, or a personal event entwined with those of the artist.


This collection was developed thanks to the sponsorship of BSN Medical, Gypsna, Arturo D´Flon, David Pérez Feregrino, Alfredo Miramontes, Dental Avant Garde, Don Potzol, Mono Araña, Raké Boho Decor, Colorium y Tempus.

Photo Credit: Armando González, Germán Cuellar y Connie Hurtado Langerenne
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