Family, Homeland, Revolution: Stories of the Chicano Movement
April 6 - November 4, 2018.

The Mexican Museum is proud to present Family, Homeland, Revolution: Stories of the Chicano Movement; an exhibition that showcased over 40 works by Chicano artists from the Civil Rights Movement to 2018. Chicano art transforms and takes the shape of the community it revolves around and it continues to evolve and showcase the lives, needs, and politics of the people it represents. This exhibit recounted the roots of the Chicano Art Movement and its aggressive continuation to represent its community.


This exhibit explores the many layers that Chicano art has come to portray in the last 50 years beginning with the closeness of family and the cultural importance of the relationships that are maintained in the Mexican American community. The show features prominent artists like Carmen Lomas Garza and Emigdio Vasquez; their beautiful paintings of home life and family portraits reveal the intimacy and variations of the family unit. The exhibit highlights the artistic expression of the political voice that resonated throughout the Civil Rights Movement, and continues in contemporary society, through the work of Rupert Garcia, Ester Hernandez and Juan R. Fuentes. Finally, the exhibition showcases works that have continued with the traditions established by El Movimiento, as well as works that create new visual vocabularies, that redefine past traditions and explore individual feelings of what it is to be bicultural.

Ester Hernandez
Alfredo Arreguín
Ray Abeytia
Carlos Almaraz
Enrique Chagoya
Patssi Valdez
Carmen Lomas Garza
Emigdio Vasquez
Juan R. Fuentes
Cecilia Concepción Alvarez
Carmen Lomas Garza
Ester Hernández
John Valadez
Juan R. Fuentes