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Marianela de la Hoz

Marianela de la Hoz paints using the ancient technique known as Egg Tempera, with a contemporary look into current images. Her work is extremely detailed, delicate and precise. She seeks to offer insights into the hidden character of her subjects through visual codes and exaggerated features. Her version of magic realism has been termed “white violence” because of her use of black humor and fantasy to depict the darker side of humanity.


Like a researcher, she puts a drop of the blood of each theme under the microscope. Each painting is analyzed without moral judgments. It takes considerable skill and a great deal of time to observe these subjects and compose this art so well, hence the small formats.  The viewer peers into a miniature world unlock a key and enter armed with a magnifying glass, expecting to come close enough to hear a whisper, to feel a pinch, to discover a hidden secret, and perhaps to crack a smile.


The contents, the formats, the technique, all conform a unique work of art and invite the viewer to approach, to get closer and closer. The small size perhaps makes an audience feel safe, but like a spider draws a fly into its web, de la Hoz seeks to entrap the viewer rationally as well as viscerally.


Marianela de la Hoz artwork has been exhibited in prestigious galleries as well as in several museums, universities and cultural institutes in her native Mexico, in the USA where she resides since 2001, and in Canada, United Arab Emirates, Japan and Germany.

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